”Our collaboration went very well. I´m very pleased with illustrations for the book. It was fine to follow how all clicked into place eventually. There was magic.”
Eija Sinisalo, therapist and writer


” Mari Rauvanlahti is a creative, talented, and multi-faceted illustrator and visualist. She has eye for style, capability and vision to carry through the details and still invisible visions. As a lecturer I have been fond of her skill to crystallize and summarize plentiful bunch of words for stoppable pictures — at live. So I can recommend her for example for Your ”Power-point” lecture or as an illustrator for your written (or digital) publication.
Virpi Koskela, PhD


”Mari Rauvanlahti has illustrated stories”Blanca entre negro”, Doña Hortensia”, La princesa hueca”, ”En el Aeropuerto de Moscu”  and ”La nevera”. Fairytales are part of Loana Lugone´s book Cuentos de mujer. The book has been published at Liber Factory, Spain. Mari Rauvanlahti has her own language, visual poetry, with her illustrations and drawings. It multiplies written text and expand it as a mystery. Collaboration has been so exciting and enriching so I´ll be waiting for our next project.”
Loana Lugones, therapist, storyteller and writer