Sanna&Metsä     2019

Sanna&Metsä (Sanna&Forest) comic-album tells about seeking the voice of Your heart, hiking and finding Your loveones. Journey of Sanna is symbolic story about that moment when Your heart is confused and You can´t find Your way. While journey is going on the nature presenting different choices and offers experiences which will change Sanna´s thoughts about life itself.

ISBN  978-952-9419-33-3

The Dove

HD-video 2014

The Dove, Kyyhkynen, is a poetic and experimental documentary film. It takes the audience for an journey with the question ”What is the spirit?”. Answers and visions have been searched from Artists and Spiritual Teachers. The Dove is part of my Doctoral Studies to Aalto University.

The Dove got Honobrable Mention at Festival de Cinema Girona, 2015, in the serie Creció y Animació.


Una aventura de Caranube
Pilvipään seikkailut

Bilingual Cloud-Head comic-album tells about two different culture, rasism, flamenco and all those things that You need on a journey.

ISBN  978-952-93-6554-8

Pilvipään maailmasta

About The world of Cloud-Head. On a journey with love Cloud-Head presents her friends and listen all very important situations. Album is meant to read out loud as a fairytale for children and alike.

ISBN 978-952-93-2909-0


Pilvipään elämää

Life of Cloud-Head is my first published comic album. Cloud-Head is sitting with friends and latte, loves swimming and build up her inner home.

ISBN 952-471-093-5

Life of Cloud-Head
Animation 2003