Illustrations for the web-page Matka omaan voimaasi own by Kristiina Kaukinen ja Saija Mäkinen.

Tahmelan huvila

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Cloud-Head&Communication comic exhibition at terrace of Tahmelan huvila and their facebook during April 2020.
Cloud-Head comics at Kahvila RUNO Ojakatu 3, Tampere 17.3.2020 - 2.6.2020...Comics over the years
New album published!!!!
SANNA & METSÄ (Sanna & Forest) comic-album tells about seeking the voice of Your heart, hiking and finding Your loveones. Journey of Sanna is symbolic story about that moment when Your heart is confused and You cant´t find Your way. While journey is going on the nature is presenting different choices and offers experiences which will change Sanna´s thoughts about life itself.
Loana Lugones´s Cuentos de Mujer ( Stories of women)
takes us to the journey of different states of soul during one moon´s rotation. Stories open doors to the multifaceted soul of a woman. Woman is different depending on the hormonal circuit, wind, sun's or moon´s effects. Stories are for both men and women.
Illustrations: Esse Cano and Mari Rauvanlahti
Eija Sinisalo´s magnificents book Malja parantaville tarinoille ( The Bowl of Healing Stories) is a story-collection which be placed somewhere between everyday life, trance-world and dream world. Stories has origen from meditations, intuitive presence and shaman´s and regression´s journeys.


The new album Tampere-Madrid-Tampere has published. In two languages: spanish and finnish :)